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IFB 018 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit 

Categories: Technology Catalog, LED Lighting, Athletic Equpment and Supplies, Furniture, Maintenance, Repair, & Operations

IFB 017 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit

Categories: Digital Multi-Function Devices/Copiers, Printers & Related Services, LED Lighting, Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Athletic Field Lighting, Athletic Flooring - Hardwood & Synthetic, Roofing & Building Envelope Services

IFB 016 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit

Categories: Facilities Management Software, Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Digital Resources, Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Musical Instruments, Athletic Surfaces - Hardwood & Synthetic, Athletic Surfaces - Synthetic Turf, Athletic Surfaces - Tracks & Courts, Scoreboarsd & Marquis Signage

IFB 015 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit

Categories: Office Supplies, Instructional & School Supplies, Custodial Equipment & Supplies, Restroom, Break Room & Safety Supplies, Security, Live Finger Print & Palm Scanning, Walk-Through Metal Detectors 

IFB 014 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit

Categories: Furniture, Industrial Arts & Career Technical Education Supply Catalog, Interactive Classrom/Meeting Room Presentation Technology, Mass Notification System, Technology Catalog, Maintenance, Repair & Operation Supply Catalog

IFB 013 - Daily Journal of Commerce Ad Affidavit

Categories: Digital MFD/Copiers, Printers & Managed Document Services, Roofing & Building Envelope Services, Medicaid Billing, Food Service Distribution, Food Manufacturers, Custodial Equipment, Athletic Lighting



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